Discover Wheelchair Accessible Cars Like Never Before

Family Oriented

Family Oriented Design

Choice Mobility Cars have been selected not only for their wow factor standards, but also because they have been built as wheelchair accessible cars, but also as family Cars. The designers of these amazing vehicles have designed a functional and stylish family oriented wheelchair accessible car.

Factory Quality

Factory Built Quality

With Choice Mobility Cars, you will never have to worry about build quality. Our cars come directly from the Manufacturers Factory, so the brands that have become renowned for their quality are now offering Wheelchair Accessible Cars that are second to none! Call Us Today and Find Out More

So Many Choices

So Many Choices

Choice Mobility offer a huge selection of cars, minivans and buses to choose from. The variations are endless, from fully electric, hybrid right through to petrol driven engines. Not only that, the choice of mobility options available for people direct from the manufacturers factories are astounding.

Results Driven

With each new variation of car that is designed and built, the one thing that they all have is that, they are results driven. Designers listen to their customers and ask how can we make this a better car for you?

Solid Technology

The Technology in Choice Mobility Cars has been refined for the last 35 years. In fact that technology just gets better and better. Each new design is an improvement from the last. Call Us Today For More Info

Winning Culture

The culture at Choice Mobility is to listen to our customers needs and do our best in order to fulfill your individual requirements. Every customers needs and requirements are different, and so are our cars!

Top Performance

Quality is the key element to ALL our cars. Each car has been rigorously tested and retested. We go through 37 individual checks to ensure that you can have peace of mind when buying a car from Choice Mobility.


Here at Choice Mobility, we offer very competitive financing packages. If you are considering finance as an option for your new vehicle purchase. Call us and we can discuss your requirements.


You can relax when you purchase a vehicle from Choice Mobility. We offer a standard 6 month warranty with all our used vehicles and the option to extend that to a full 2 years.

About Us

We personally understand the freedom that a quality WAV can bring. We also know what the stress is like to have a car that gives constant problems, and we also know how a well maintained car can bring peace of mind.

Contact Us

The fastest way to Contact Us is by email, as we are guaranteed to receive your questions or comments. We will do our utmost to ensure that you receive a prompt and timely reply.

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